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Paint it black

Exhibition at Kühberger & Haas Architects, Steyr, 2020

In this exhibition Daniel Hilgert reinterprets a traditional artistic technique while reflecting on society?s current mood. This exhibition was inspired by the situation of uncertainty that shaped the year 2020.

Inspired by the painting technique of grisaille, Daniel uses ink painting and calligraphy to undertake a black-and-white examination of the doom and gloom so prevalent in society and media today. But without painting too dark a picture.

He does not aim to convey a sense of cynicism or negativity; these are thought-provoking pieces that hold up a mirror to the accepted normality of focussing on the dark side.

"This exhibition examines the despondency that emerges from darkness and attempts to transform it into something positive."


Katalog zur Ausstellung

In between lies space / life

Exhibition at Kühberger & Haas Architects, Steyr, 2019

"I have always been strongly influenced by spaces and their atmosphere - in their private form as a home for individuals and families, in their public form as a meeting point for society, and in their conceptual form as places of internal freedom."

The influence of these spatial levels on humans has accompanied Daniel Hilgert throughout his work in building restoration and in his paintings. He is passionate about designing physical spaces. Each of his interactions with the canvas represents an emotional moment. Every brushstroke. Every surface. Every shade of colour.

"It all comes from deep within, enriches the space further and, hopefully, also provokes equally powerful feelings in the viewer. I am fascinated by this interaction between viewer, painting and painter."

Räume gestalten

Räume gestalten





emotion - passion - faszination

Emotion - Passion - Faszination

Every brushstroke.

Every surface.

Every shade of colour.

back to back to front

Spatial concept and fashion show, Steyr, July 2019

The works in the series "ab und zu Neigung" were created in the framework of the HOOK fashion show and shaped the ambience in the stables of the former copper forge. The paintings show the human body when fashion is taken away. Depending on the placement of the works in relation to each other, the figures are either back to back or facing.

Here, Daniel Hilgert embraces a new challenge, taking up paintbrush and paint, fearlessly approaching the canvas. Free and without judgement, filled with passion, he also creates the background for his works and is responsible for the entire spatial concept.

Download: exhibition catalogue

exhibition catalogue