Art has been part of Daniel Hilgert’s life since childhood – a constant companion taking on different forms.

The founding of his own company and the birth of his daughter in 2014 marked a new development in his artistic approach, but his passion is as strong as ever.

"I paint for people,
                not for museums"

diverse - experimental - combineable


Paint it black

Paint it black

Exhibition at Kühberger & Haas Architects, Steyr, 2020

In this exhibition Daniel Hilgert reinterprets a traditional artistic technique while reflecting on society's current mood. This exhibition was inspired by the situation of uncertainty that shaped the year 2020...

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A painting on my wall. Expressing emotions. An idea made reality. That touches, stirs, pulls me in. Or pushes me away. That does something to me and won’t let me go.

A painting on my wall. My eyes interpret it anew. I decide what I see. What I want to see. I am no longer a passive viewer – I create.

A painting on my wall. And on yours. And yours. Created together, each has found its place. Spatially separated but always connected.

A painting on my wall.

Daniel Hilgert

with passion

Discovering boundaries and stepping beyond them. Your limits. Artistic limits. No specific technique, no sketches, no rules. Just start. Enjoy the moment. Follow your instinct.

Feel yourself. Just let it happen. Surprise yourself. Have courage. Just leave out anything that really was unnecessary. Take an old idea and make it new. Taste the thrill of the unfamiliar. Impatient. Full of expectation. Driven. Fulfilled. Fail. Get up. Keep going.

Out of courage. Out of passion. Because you have to.

back to back to front

back to back to front

Spatial concept and fashion show, Steyr, July 2019

The works in the series "ab und zu Neigung" were created in the framework of the HOOK fashion show and shaped the ambience in the stables of the former copper forge. The paintings show the human body when fashion is taken away...

JULY 2019

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In between lies space / life

In between lies space / life

Exhibition at Kühberger & Haas Architects, Steyr, 2019

Daniel Hilgert has always been strongly influenced by spaces and their atmosphere - in their private form as a home for individuals and families, in their public form as a meeting point for society, and in their conceptual form as places of internal freedom...

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Perfection is the drive

Convention is the chain

Change is the opportunity
Spontaneity frees

Reduction attracts

Minimalism as perfection

For you?

For you!


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