Daniel Hilgert


Art has been part of Daniel Hilgert’s life since childhood – a constant companion taking on different forms. The founding of his own company and the birth of his daughter in 2015 marked a new development in his artistic approach, but his passion is as strong as ever.

I paint for people, not for museums

He used to apply brushstroke upon brushstroke in his quest for perfection. Now, Daniel’s motivation lies in creating reduced forms that bring the essence of his figures to life.

Who’s interested in what’s already been; I’m interested in what comes next

Daniel receives no external funding or grants. Refusing to be limited by rules or conventions, he approaches every new challenge and idea with an open mind. Using many different experimental techniques, often in combination, he creates pieces that succeed in capturing and communicating emotions.

I like the idea that a series can be purchased by several different buyers – it brings a sense of connection.

Many of the paintings share the same format, allowing them to be arranged in numerous different ways – or stand alone. The theme running through many of Daniel’s works is the human body and the communication of emotions in its bearing and posture. Art buyers are encouraged to play an active role by using spatial design to create different effects that reflect their interpretation of the works.

Finding the right space for a painting is a sensitive process.

Daniel also designs complete spatial concepts to frame his works. Rather than losing himself in individual walls and details he focusses on the bigger picture to create harmonious and calm spaces for the viewer to enjoy.